About Us

We work to help people make their lives more comfortable with top quality products. Go Comforting is all about making your and your family’s life easier with the best comfortable and safety products especially for the people who have been endowed with heavy bodies. We research and select the much-needed and the best product to increase the comfort level in your life.

William Harris, the founder of Go Comforting owns a home appliances shop in Colorado. While working there, he realized that the heavier people need special treatment which led to the creation of the site. He understands that there is a lot to do for changing people’s conception for the people with bulkier builds. William Harris has directed his energies to make it more comfortable for the heavy people around the world to move around and enjoy their lives better. 

Our team of professionals look through every corner of the internet to bring you the products that can help you go around with ease. You will find all types of comfortable stuff that will meet your needs; whether it is a chair, a mat, a towel, shoes, pretty much everything. These items are carefully picked, tested and analyzed to provide the consumers with exactly what they need in their lives.

We assist you to find the best suitable product for you and provide you with a guideline that will empower you with information about what makes the best product for each category. Our key goal is to equip the readers with authentic and helpful information, and navigate them where and what to look in order to find the ideal item for themselves. 

We prioritize the comfort of our audiences from around the world. We believe that life doesn’t have to be that hard for the heavier people as it maybe is and there are hundreds of opportunities in every kind of situation. We also believe that with simple research and smart thinking, you can help you get things done with ease; whether it’s walking a black or doing your stuff in the toilet.

In addition to making people’s lives comfortable for the people who have heavy body types. We also talk about products that are specially designed for heavy bodies. To review a particular product, we start with buying the product to get hands-on experience with it. We put the product through various tests in the field and in our lab where we use (abuse) the item and see how it holds on. This allows us to find out about the durability, ease of use and reliability of the product against other related competitors. We compare and contrast a particular product side-by-side with other products to provide you with useful information so that you can make a more informed decision while buying your product. 

We have also included some products that we haven’t used personally. For these products, we do extensive testing and researching to find out all  the ins and outs of that. Also, we talk to the people who have used that item and ask them about their experience with it. This gets us information about that thing that we can help our readers to find out if that is what they need.

We do not take incentives from different brands to include their products which allows us to provide you with unbiased, honest and trustworthy review. We highlight the advantages and the positive features of the product along with its flaws and downsides. Our side-by-side reviews of different products for the heavier people are helpful for the consumers to get to the product that can make their lives easier and comfortable in the true sense of the words.